New Client Deals

  • 30% off for Japanese hair straightening(permanent hair straightening)

    Reg Price: $120/Hr . Consultation required.

  • $190(Reg: $250+) Digital Perm
  • $290(Reg: $400): Hair Botox Treatment

    Up to shoulder length.

  • $45(Reg: $65+): Ladies' Cut & Style

    Up to shoulder length.

  • $89(Reg: $120): Root touch-up & Style

    Up to shoulder length.

  • $149(Reg: $190): Full highlights & Style

    Up to shoulder length.

  • $29(Reg: $40): Wash & Blowdry

    Up to shoulder length.

  • 30% off for Balayage and Ombre

Why You Need Japanese Hair Straightening Specialist:

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1. Got bald spots on the top of head because of a strong chemical sitting on the top of head folded and was under dryer for more than 10 mins.

2. Seriously got burned on scalp because hair wasn't completely dry before ironing and scalp got burned with hot steam from flat iron.

3. Hair still wavy frizzy after first shampoo, stylist flat iron perfectly to hide poor job after treatment. We don't flatiron after treatment, clients can see exact result right away.

4. Hair is permanently parted un-intentionally and stuck to scalp, being very flat. Client needs to wait a few months to have a natural look. It usually happens on bangs or top of head because hair was parted, roots are folded with chemicals and it was under dryer more than 10 mins.

5. Commonly clients' ears or forehead are burned.

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