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Staff Bio

Tina Lee: Owner, 15 Year Experienced Japanese Hair Straightening Specialist

                 Tina Lee was highly trained in Japanese hair straightening from Tokyo, Japan & Seoul, Korea. She has been specializing in Japanese hair straightening and digital perm for longer than a decade. She is very experienced with all hair conditions and all different ethnic background hair textures since her locations were only in downtown Vancouver; an international hub. After 15 years of specializing in Japanese hair straightening, she got the reputation that she is the best Japanese hair straightening specialist in Vancouver. Her clients are from US, Mexico, Calgary, Edmonton, and many cities in Canada. She is very confident and proud that she is the best Japanese hair straightening specialist in North America.

Divya: In-House Stylist, 25 Year Experienced Master Colorist

The experienced veteran of the team, Divya can do it all, earning her one of the busiest chairs in the business. She is known for her balayage highlighting technique, which has sustained her loyal following of devout clientele that trusts her to deliver color perfection. Divya specializes in richly colored darker hues, fabulous shades of vibrant red, and pastel blondes. If you need a color correction, look no further. Divya has the innate ability to undo any hair mishaps that come her way.

Sue: In-House Stylist, 13 Year Experienced Japanese Straightening and Digital Perm Specialist

Sue was born and raised in South Korea. She was highly trained in beauty colleges in Seoul Korea and has been a master stylist in Seoul Korea for 13 years. She moved to Canada and just started her new career in Vancouver. She is very sophisticated and extremely passionate about hair dressing and pursuing her education to improve her already mastered skills.  She specializes in Japanese hair straightening and digital perm. She keeps up to date on the seasons' latest trends in beauty and fashion.

Lisa: In-House Stylist, 18 Year Experienced Master Colorist & Japanese Straightening Specialist

Lisa developed a passion for hair at an early age. The core of her passion is her sincere need to make sure that every one of her clients achieves the look they are seeking. Her ability for customization is sure to bring out the unique features and personality of each individual.

Shazmin: Freelance Eyelash Technician

Shazmin has earned a solid reputation for her professional work and instructional teaching. She is the result of years spent reviewing, perfecting techniques, and receiving invaluable feedback from women on what they like and don't like. She's always hunting for products that work the best for her clients.

Leslie: Free Lance Microblading & Tattoo Artist

Leslie is a very talented microblading & tattoo artist. She is presently working in the film industry. She is a bird and outdoor enthusiast. To see her work, check Instagram :

Chau: Free Lance Master Stylist

Chau is inspired everyday by this amazing city, current trends, and by her clients. She prides herself on her ability to have a clear and thorough consultation and deliver on it. Chau's passions lie in precision hair cutting for both men and women. Chau has worked in high fashion styling as well as in top-end salons. Chau has worked on hair of all types, of hair textures, and styles on a variety of clients that come from all parts of the world which including notable media, sports figures, musicians, business men and women, and members of the fashion industry.

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Address: 1058 Mainland Street Unit 120 Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4, Tel: 604-679-2667(Text Available), Email:


Recommended for all chemical treatments. Complementary.

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Mon to Sun: 10am - 7pm

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In order to secure an appointment of 2+ hours or longer, we require a credit card on file. Any cancellations or reschedules within 24 hours, $100 will be charged.